Detox Yoga Sequence

Detox Yoga Sequence—Pamela G. Taylor

As is typical, when taught this class I omitted and added asanas and inspirations. I shared personal stories, in particular the story of my friend who inspired me–Danah.

Chill Out- 5:20

  1. Begin in a comfortable seat. Remove flesh from sits bones. Hands on knees palms down. I am Pam and I am so happy to be practicing with you all today. If you care to share, is there anyone new or maybe returning to yoga after a time? Is there anything that anyone would like to share or to request? We will be concentrating on cleansing through our bodies’ natural detoxing systems using respiration, digestion, circulation, hydration, and focus. Respiration, breathing and in yoga call Praniyama—-we will experiment with Breath of Fire. We will engage in a number of twists that massage our inner organs aiding digestion. Building heat through sun salutations and powerful warrior poses will get our blood pumping and aid in detoxification through perspiration. And, of course throughout it all, we will be focusing on engaging our abs, cinching our waists, balancing, clearing and detoxing our minds and emotions.


  1. So, let’s close our eyes and begin by focusing on our own bodies and what is going on right here on our own mats. Deep breath in through your nose, hold it just a few seconds. Then nice big exhales—as we imagine expelling the toxins from such things as chemical additives in our lotions, food, and water as well as negative self-talk. You may have specific toxic issues that you’d like to imagine leaving your bodies and your minds as you concentrate on the breath.


  1. Open your eyes. Places that are especially prone to holding toxic tension include the neck and shoulders. Often as we become stressed, our shoulders stiffen and rise up. Our necks crick and ache. So, let’s breathe into our shoulders first by inhaling and rolling them front, up, and exhaling as you push them back and down. Feel your shoulder blades move down your back. Now really breathe as you roll them several more times.


Yellow Eyes 5:03

  1. Again concentrating on your breath, exhale as you drop your chin to your chest. Hold for 3 breaths. Inhale as you bring your head up and face me. Exhale as you bend bringing your right ear toward your right shoulder. 3 breaths Inhale up…now exhale bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder. 3 breaths Now roll your head, around from one side to the other at your own speed and comfort level. You may want to turn your head and look at your shoulder as you bend your neck. Keep breathing by inhaling as you raise your head up and exhaling as you lower it.


  1. Warming up a bit more——seated half moon.


When we were Young 4:48

  1. Okay, now before we continue warming up our bodies, let’s focus on Breath of Fire! Breath of Fire is a rhythmic breathwith equal emphasis on the inhale and exhale, no deeper than sniffing. It’s done by pumping the naval point towards the spine on the exhale and releasing the naval out on the inhale. It’s practiced through the nostrils with mouth and eyes closes. Watch my tummy and see—I poke it out on the inhale and engage it on the exhale. Although I try to do it quickly—you do it at your own pace, making sure that each inhale and exhale affects the tummy. This is diaphragmatic breathing and works well to expel stale air from deep within your lungs.  (After they do it for a little bit—–) Okay, now let’s add the arms to our Breaths of Fire. Raise them up in a V. Hands in fists except for our thumbs…breath quickly in and out through your nose. If you need to open your mouth, of course feel free.


  1. Okay. How was that? Let’s now come into child’s pose by putting your weight on your hands, Bringing your knees to the floor. Spread them a bit, sit on your heels as much as you can. Then we will bring our arms out straight, but do not put your head down on the mat. We will hold a bit of tension, building a bit of heat as we stretch out—-inhale, exhale moving our chest down. 3 breaths or so. Now bring your left hand to the center, move your right hand toward the corner and lean in again—3 breaths—the other side,


  1. Come up on your knees, move hands out like child’s pose—-but now we are in puppy pose. Hips are high and again, breathing in lifting your sits bones and exhaling moving your chest to the floor. 3 breaths


Smooth Jazz Sax & Nature 3:43

  1. Now let’s come into table and work again on our breath through cow and cat. 5 times


  1. step right foot forward into a low lunge with your back knee down. Inhale as you bring your arms up, exhale bend back and look up. Breath evenly and hold. Exhale bring your hands down into prayer, inhale as you begin to twist toward your right. Hook your left elbow on the outside of your right knee if you can and exhale. Now hold, breathing evenly—–work to feel the twist through your waist. Engage your core as you twist it. Imagine that you are giving your inner organs a loving massage right now. Send your liver and kidneys some love!———- Hold for 3 breaths. Come back slowly to the front- hands down on the floor. Move that knee down—-get balanced. Then move left foot forward and Walking Man 3:33 repeat other side.


  1. Come back into table—Take child’s pose if you need it. And meet me in Downward facing dog.. Pedal. Opposite hand to shin.. Breathing.. Inhale as you lift your right foot toward the ceiling, exhale and bend the knee bringing it to your nose. Inhale lift. Exhale knee to right elbow. Inhale lift. Exhale knee to left elbow. Back in downward facing dog, breathe. Other leg……..


  1. Child’s pose. Nurturing hands on feet—outside or inside with cheek on floor.


  1. From child’s pose, come back into downward facing dog- up on toes, bend knees, then step to the front of the mat. Rise up slowly into Tadasana-mountain pose.


Unlove You 3:55

  1. Sun Salutations A (do 3-5)


Summertime 4:40

  1. Sun Salutations B (do 3-5)—add twists to chair


Those Sweet Words 3:45

  1. Forward Fold- gorilla, peace fingers, rag doll


  1. Stay down, Step right foot back to warrior 2, move arms out to right front corner- Breath and stretch like we did in child’s pose. Move hands to center- align feet to point toward the right wall- Side forward fold-


  1. Twist on one side. Fold hands on floor, Then peace fingers holding big toes.


  1. Rise up, turn to the front and step up.


  1. upward salute, forward fold, hands behind heels.


Suzanne 4:27

  1. Stay down and step left foot back to warrior 2 with hands on floor then move toward left corner. Move hands to center, align feet to point toward left wall. Side forward Fold


  1. Twist on other side, arms out fold forward, hands clasped behind back and forward fold. Slowly rise up, turn toward the front and step to front of mat. Tadasana


  1. Balance. Come into a circle and do tree pose holding hands——-or just tree pose. Then bending forward in tree pose. Dancer…discuss props…come to a wall or the mirror.


Holistic Health 4:41

  1. Shake it out. Try the cinched waist feeling here before (work to feel the idea of cinching your waist. As if you had your hands on your waist trying to touch your thumbs together in back and your forefingers in front). ……Tadasana…Arms up into upward salute, swan dive, uttanasana, ardha uttanasana, uttanasana. Now step back into plank and hold.


  1. Plank. Really engage your core. Again, work to feel the idea of cinching your waist. (Hold—3 breaths). Move your right hand to the center and turn to the left. Drop a knee if you need to, stack your feet or put one foot in front of the other. Cinching your waist, raise your left arm up or put your hand to your waist and breath. Hold it for three even breaths. If your 3 breaths end before or after mine, come back to plank. Take a knee whenever you need to do so.. Now other side.


Yoga Nidra 4:31

  1. Come back into child pose and catch your breath.


  1. As you come out of child’s pose, move down onto your tummy, with your head to the side, your arms down your side and your legs stretched out with your feet touching. Move your chin or forehead to the floor- whichever is more comfortable. We are working toward full locust, but we will attempt parts of it first. Keeping your legs and feet on the floor, lift your chest, head and arms off the floor. Your hands reach toward your feet, your chest and head toward the front of the room. Breathe slowly (3 counts) and come back down to the floor. Keep your forehead on the floor and now lift your thighs, legs, and feet off the floor –reaching toward the back of the room. Core engaged, breathe evenly 3 counts. Come down. Now into full locust…lifting your chest, legs, arms off the floor. 3 counts. Come down.


  1. Now bend your right knee, bringing your foot toward your bottom. Reach your right hand back and try to grab your foot, your shin or just reach in the direction of the foot as you lift up—pressing your foot into your hand into half bow. Hold for 3 breaths. Then other side….then full bow.


Guitar relax 6:16

  1. Relax down and breathe deeply in and exhale making a nice deep sigh.


  1. Meet me back in downward facing dog. Pedal your feet. Breathe in lifting your hips and out, pushing your chest toward your thighs. Inhale and Lift your right leg up open the knee and if you care to flip your dog, exhale and twist toward your right on your hands and standing foot and drop that top foot down to the floor. Inhale as you stay on the ball of your foot, exhale now inhale and reach your arm up and back. Take 3 breaths and spiral back around to Downward facing dog. Now lift the other leg (your left) as you inhale and open that leg and bend the knee. Exhale as you twist toward your left on your hands and standing foot and drop that top foot down to the floor. Inhale as you stay on the ball of your foot, exhale and hold now inhale and reach your arm up and back. Take 3 breaths and spiral back around to Downward Facing dog.


  1. Lift your right leg again on an inhale, draw the knee into your chest, turn it and place it down on the floor for pigeon. Stay up, lift your left arm to the front and bend forward, twist to your right and bring your right hand around your back and try to grab the toe of your right foot. Breathe


  1. Repeat—come through down dog or just shift the feet


The Pianist 6:28

  1. Release, come up. Sit on your left hip and bring your feet around to the front. Come into cobbler for a few breaths, reaching forward. Then gradually move back vertebrae by vertebrae to your corpse pose.


  1. Settle in with your feet flopped open, your arms out a bit with your palms facing up. Take nice deep breaths. Let’s all breathe in together and exhale forcefully and loudly. Another time……one more time. Now breaths deeply and evenly as you relax each and every part of your body and your mind. Feel the breath again nourishing you as you inhale…and cleansing as you exhale. With your eyes closed, look within and imagine a cleaner, more nourished, and indeed more loved interior body. Relish in the knowledge that you worked hard today to cherish and nourish your body. As you may remember, I do like to come around at the end of the savasana to place a gentle pressure on your shoulders and place a cool cloth over your eyes. The cloth is scented with detoxifying lemon and lavender essential oils. If you do not wish to have me do that, please place your hand over your heart. Now just relax.


  1. Back to comfortable seat. Yoga Mudra. Hands to prayer. Thumb knuckles to your heart center. Thumb knuckles to your third eye (The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra. Located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, it is the center of intuition and foresight), Head back, bow forward Namaste.