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What is eLASTIC?

eLASTIC is a computer software tool under development and testing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Brainchild of Dr. Pamela G. Taylor, Professor of Art Education, eLASTIC is designed to transform concept mapping, brainstorming, journaling and research into compelling play through the magic of interactive computer technology.


Dean of VCU’s School of the Arts, Joe Seipel joins Dr. Pamela G. Taylor in the celebration of eLASTIC,  May 16, 2012 on the rooftop garden of the Pollack Building, VCU School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond. It was an exciting time to be recognized by the leaders of our #1 public art school in the country!

Dr. Pamela G. Taylor appeared at the VCU Brandcenter on April 6th, 2012 as part of a mini-TED talk and art exhibition event called ‘The Cutting Floor.’

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VCU professors developing arts-based electronic learning and assessment tool in Qatar

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National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) Grantee Summary

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VCU Art Education Faculty  Leadership and Awards

Summary of Articles from CISNE, Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad Complutense

Dr. Pamela G. Taylor receives the 2011 Southeastern Art Educator of the Year Award from the National Art Educators Association (NAEA) for her work with eLASTIC.

Dr. Pamela G. Taylor wins VCUarts Faculty Award for Distinguished Achievement in Research

2012 Dr. Taylor received a small grant from VCU Department of Art Education, VCUarts for beginning the identification of indicators of learning process. Three art teachers in the Richmond area who had significant experience teaching 11th grade student art (as the eLASTIC project is currently focusing on 11th grade) were involved and worked a few days a week over one months time to come up with rubrics that related to standards associated with the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, National Association of Educational Progress, National Visual Art Standards, the General Certificate of Secondary Education (British) and the Qatar Curriculum Standards.

2009-2012. 3 year $1.05 million National Priorities Research Priorities grant from the Qatar National Research Fund for research and development of eLASTIC. We partnered with VCUarts Qatar, Qatar University, Al Ieman Independent Secondary School for  Girls, Amna Bint Wahab Independent School for Girls, Qatar Academy, and Doha College. Grant Personnel: Dr. Pamela G. Taylor Ph.D., is the Principal Investigator on the eLASTIC grant.  She is currently a Professor in the Department of Art Education, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University. Ms. Jan Johnston, MAE, Instructor, School of the Arts, Department of Art Education is the grant Project Manager. Dr. Charles Bleick, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus VCU. Dr. Elnour Hamad, Ph.D., is the Co-PI in Qatar and currently an Assistant Professor of Art Education in the College of Education at Qatar University. Dr. Joan A. Rhodes Ph.D., a Co-PI is an Assistant Professor, School of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning. Dr. Frances G. Smith Ed.D., a Co-PI, is currently a post-doctoral UDL Fellow in residence at Boston College Lynch School of Education and CAST. School of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning and T/TAC. Dr. Lisa Abrams, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor, School of Education, Department of Foundations of Education.

2010. Dr. Taylor received a grant from the National Art Education Foundation for work on specific visual metaphors within in the software. Scroll down to a link specifically concerning eLASTIC.

In 2007, Dr. Taylor received a grant from the Center for Teaching Excellence at VCU to create an eLASTIC island in Second Life. This research assisted in recognizing what can and can’t be done in regards to data collection when using a third party online environment.

In 1999, Dr. Taylor was named a Getty Doctoral Fellow in Art Education for her dissertation research “Hypertext-based Art Education: Implications for Liberatory Learning in High School”- the preliminary research that lead to eLASTIC.

eLASTIC is an extension of Taylor’s dissertation research Hypertext-Based Art Education: Implications for Liberatory Learning in High School in which over 200 high school art students based all of their studies in computer hypertext webs using the software Storyspace.


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